An Affordable and Easy Showering Solution

If you are thinking of installing a shower in your bathroom, it will be a relief to know you can do so without breaking the bank. Once you have the shower tray and enclosure, everything else is affordable, quick and easy.

In order to install a shower in your bathroom you need a shower tray in the shape and size of your choice and an enclosure that will fit the tray. There are side and inline panels you can use to ensure the enclosure fits the tray snugly to reduce leaks. A waste for the water to drain out of and some controls and shower head are also essential items.

This may seem like a lot of things you will need, but don’t feel overwhelmed, there are shower sets available to help you make this project an affordable and easy one.

Shower Trays

Shower trays are an essential element and they come in a choice of shapes and sizes to choose from. There are square and rectangular trays and then there are those with a bowed front or a quadrant design.

Shower Wastes

Wastes should be ordered before your contractor arrives to avoid delays. There are the easy and fast flow wastes which ensure the water drains from your shower with ease. These are easy for a professional to install and reduce the risk of leaks when taking a shower.

Shower Enclosures

There are so many shower enclosure choices for you to choose from including the pivot, hinged, bi-fold, sliding, quadrant and walk in designs. The enclosure should fit the tray snugly and in some cases you may need inline or side panels to seal off your shower completely.

Shower Sets

Shower sets can save you time and money. They are affordable showering solutions that are convenient and very easy to use. The shower sets include the controls, slide rail and shower head so all you have to do is install them and enjoy your showering experience.

How to Choose A Bath

In a year of luxury and spa-inspired bathroom designs, choosing the right bath can be the make or break of your bathroom design.

Baths are available in so many shapes and sizes from the magnificent roll top baths to the compact and convenient shower baths. It’s important the bath you choose not only blends in with your overall bathroom design, but works within the space you have available.

Bath Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms

Most people immediately choose a shower for their smaller bathroom designs because you are just so limited on space. There are corner baths and shower baths which can be incorporated into a smaller bathroom design.

Shower baths are a great choice offering you the best of both worlds, you have the luxury of a bath with the convenience of a shower keeping the whole family happy. These shower baths are compact in design and come with an incorporated shower screen so you’re not stuck with an ugly shower curtain. This means you are able to maintain that modern design while enjoying the advantage of a shower and bath.

Bath Solutions for Larger Bathrooms

We aren’t all lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom. If you are one of the few then you have no restrictions when it comes to bath choice. Basically you have a blank canvas to turn into your dream bathroom.

Freestanding baths and roll top baths offer that luxurious finish to any bathroom design. These baths can be placed against the wall or in the centre of the room becoming the focal point.

Rectangular baths are also a welcome addition in the larger bathroom designs because of their straight edges blending in with the modern style.

If you want to place your bath against the wall, maybe under a large window or against a feature wall, then the freestanding and rectangular baths are what you are looking for.

A Touch of Luxury

You can add a touch of luxury to any bath by adding whirlpool or airpool options. These are jets that turn your bathroom into a day spa with all the health benefits and luxuries you can get from them.

Top 5 Wall Hung Vanity Basins

I love the wall hung vanity basins for smaller bathrooms because they help maximise space and are mounted directly on the wall, counter or shelves, making them a stylish and elegant basin choice for any bathroom design.

When combined with modern taps and a bottle trap, the wall hung vanity basins can easily enhance the bathroom space. They are all modern in design and finished in brilliant white helping you achieve a light and bright bathroom that feels spacious.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB040

These Phoenix wall hung vanity basins are the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. They are oval in design giving a modern feel. There is a space at the back of the basin for soap and will look stylish on any bathroom wall creating that “wow” factor.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB036

These wall hung vanity basins are perfect for the modern compact bathroom. The basins are square in design complimenting any modern bathroom area with ease while helping make the most of the space you have available.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB023

Designed for a cloakroom, these wall hung vanity basins come in a rectangular design with the tap fitting on the side. This means you can place them on the wall and they still take up the least amount of space while adding style and elegance to your cloakroom design.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB016

These are very stylish and modern wall hung vanity basins that are oval in design and blend in with smaller bathrooms beautifully. If you have already chosen curved bathroom items, these vanity basins are guaranteed to enhance the space.

Phoenix Wall Hung Basin VB008

These wall hung vanity units are modern and stylish in a square design that will blend in with any modern bathroom design. Combined with a chrome bottle trap and modern taps, your basin is guaranteed to impress.

Infinity Bathroom Mirrors – An Out of Space Bathroom Experience

Anyone who is a Star Trek fan will love the infinity bathroom mirrors. They are so unique that they give an out of space bathroom experience,

When Star Trek was introduced to our televisions it seemed so farfetched, tablet computers and face to face calling. Who knew that today that would all be a reality, now you can add some of that futuristic glamour to your bathroom design with the infinity bathroom mirrors.

Anyone who doesn’t know what infinity bathroom mirrors are you are in for a treat. These are stylishly designed mirrors that offer that statement you are looking for.  These bathroom mirrors catch your eye when they are switched on. When off they look like an ordinary mirror, but once you put on the lights, they become a futuristic art piece on your bathroom wall.

The infinity bathroom mirrors are the perfect choice for large or small bathroom designs and will become the focal point of your design. They use 3D effects with LED lights that disappear through the centre of the mirror and into infinity.

The great thing about the infinity bathroom mirrors is while they offer that out of space experience they are practical and functional mirrors. They offer superior reflection while looking amazing in any bathroom design.

The infinity bathroom mirrors also offer that gentle glow of additional lighting which is welcomed in any bathroom design. We all know how important additional lighting is to make your bathroom feel lighter and brighter, the infinity mirrors let you do this with a gentle blue or coloured glow which makes the bathroom feel warm and cosy.

These mirrors are rectangular in design and can be placed as a feature on a wall, next to the basin or wherever you want your guest’s eyes to focus. They are stylish, elegant and unique and are guaranteed to make a statement in any bathroom design.

Shower Door Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms

Designing a smaller bathroom is a tedious task. It’s so difficult to ensure everything works together within the space while ensuring you don’t compromise on floor space.

Smaller bathrooms have become very common and homes seem to be incorporating smaller bathrooms to ensure they have adequate living space. While this is understandable, when it comes time to renovate the bathroom it can be an absolute headache.

The majority of homes that have smaller bathrooms choose a shower over a bath. Showers take up less room in the bathroom area and they offer the convenience of using less water and you can shower in a much shorter time than taking a bath.

That being said, once you have chosen a shower you need to choose a shower door and there are a selection available which will work beautifully with a smaller bathroom space.

Chances are you have chosen a square or rectangular shower tray and you can see that the pivot and hinged door designs are not a practical solution. These shower doors swing open, that means you need to ensure you have enough space to allow these doors to open with ease without any obstacles getting in their way.

There are much easier alternatives that won’t compromise your floor space.

Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

The bi-fold door shower enclosures are a practical solution for the smaller bathroom. These doors work like a concertina file and fold up to one side of the shower. It’s advisable when installing the bi-fold door shower enclosures to ensure that your door opens away from the taps to avoid damage. The doors can be turned over so you can include them with any shower design.

The bi-fold door shower enclosures fold in towards the centre of the shower and therefore don’t need any additional floor space.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a popular choice and normally include two sides which slide together to close the door and slide out again to open the door. Like the bi-fold door shower enclosures the sliding doors don’t compromise your floor space and don’t swing open.

Walk In Enclosures

Another option for smaller bathrooms are the walk-in shower enclosures which unlike the bi-fold door shower enclosures, these don’t have a door at all but rather an opening which you can use to get in and out of the shower. These are very modern and are used in many bathrooms today.

Cloakroom Designs

Cloakrooms are often a small space under the stairs or that little recess you have which you have chosen to convert to add value to your home. Cloakrooms can be a nightmare to design, you need the right bathroom products, your planning needs to be spot on and then you need to be able to work out the space and products to work in unison to make the space functional and practical.

Cloakrooms are essential if you have all your bathrooms upstairs, you need that space for guests to use when visiting.

What Do You Need?

What do you need when designing a guest toilet or a cloakroom, as it’s favourably called? You’ll need a toilet, storage and a hand basin. Maybe add a towel ring in for your hand towel next to the basin. You need to think out of the box when working with such a compact space. Wall hung vanity units, back to wall toilets are all ways you can make the most of the space you have available.

The first suggestion I would make for any cloakroom is a back to wall toilet. These back to wall toilets are designed with a hidden cistern, so all you have in the cloakroom is area is the toilet bowl and flushing mechanism, everything else is out of sight and out of the space.

Then you’ll want some space, either a shelf or small cupboard to store your toilet rolls and cleaning supplies for the cloakroom. You don’t need much storage space, maybe just room for a couple of hand towels and toilet rolls.

Now that you’ve saved space by using a back to wall toilet you can include a modern bathroom basin that is designed for such a small space. These basins are rectangular in design with the tap on the side rather than the back, helping you maximise the space you have available.

Keep your cloakroom light and bright with plenty of white and additional lighting. In many cases cloakrooms don’t enjoy the benefit of a window, so choosing white back to wall toilets, white tiles, white basins and white cupboards combined with plenty of light can make a huge impact on the space.

Bathroom Cupboards A Great Way to Reduce Bathroom Clutter

Storage, storage, storage! Can more be said when working on your bathroom design? It can be so frustrating if you don’t have adequate storage in your bathroom. Storage helps reduce the clutter, stops those towels being strewn across the bathroom floor, and stops the hair products building up around the basin and the makeup lined up along the window sill.

Bathroom design has become a very important aspect of any home with a lot of emphasis being based on the bathroom these days, which is why it’s essential to reduce the clutter in a sophisticated way with stunning bathroom cabinets which will blend in with your bathroom design offering you the convenience and practicality that you need.


Bathroom cabinets are available in a choice of styles enabling you to blend them in with your new or current bathroom design with ease. White is my personal choice, but there are plenty to choose from if you want to add a splash of colour.

You get to choose between single doors with drawers to tall bathroom cupboards to double door options. The style you choose should depend on the style of your bathroom, the space you have available and which you prefer.


The great thing about the bathroom cupboards available is that you don’t have to stick to white and you can use your bathroom cupboard to make a statement in your design. From light wood choices adding texture to your bathroom to the sleek black designs that make a statement and give your bathroom a “wow” factor.

Size and Space

It’s essential that any of the bathroom cupboards you choose fit into your bathroom size. Work out the space you have available before you even start looking at bathroom cupboards, this will give you an indication on the best choice for your design.

Some of the bathroom cupboards are wall mounted while others are floor standing designs, smaller bathrooms often benefit from the wall mounted options helping them maximise their floor space.

Top 5 Bathroom Cabinet Lighting Choices

Additional lighting in your bathroom can make a huge impact on the space and your overall design. Lighting makes the bathroom feel more spacious, giving it that light and bright feel. While you could add more ceiling lights, why not have a look at the great choice of bathroom cabinet lighting available which can offer that extra light your bathroom needs?

Bathroom cabinet lighting is a practical solution suitable for both modern and traditional bathroom designs. The lights are elegant and stylish in a choice of designs and styles to suit any bathroom style.

Single Pumpkin Metallic Cabinet Light

This is probably my favourite out of the bathroom cabinet lighting options. The rounded design with square base finished with the stunning star pattern brings the light into a class of its own. Finished in polished chrome to blend in with all your other bathroom fixtures and fittings is what makes this bathroom cabinet lighting option such a solid choice.

Single Cone Metallic Cabinet Light

These bathroom cabinet lighting options are the perfect choice for traditional and modern bathroom designs. These lights have a square base and a stunning design which blends into your overall design with ease.

Dual Funnel Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

If you have a larger bathroom you don’t have to worry, these bathroom cabinet lighting solutions are designed with a larger bathroom in mind. These lights offer more than enough additional light to enhance the bathroom space and you can mount them in your cabinet to help you find what you are looking for or above the mirror offering you a clear reflection for the morning rush.

Duo Tube Cabinet Light

Elegant in design, these bathroom cabinet lighting solutions are ideal for modern bathrooms with a double cylindrical arm adding style and sophistication to your overall bathroom design.

Traditional Single Cone Cabinet Light

A single cone with a traditional touch is what these bathroom cabinet lighting options have to offer adding that beautiful touch to your bathroom design. They have an arched arm with a square base which finishes off the design to perfection.

The Advantages of LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are a very popular choice throughout the world. These mirrors can be found in all modern and traditionally designed bathrooms offering great reflection, illumination and design features which is why they continue to be such a popular choice.

Fantastic Reflection

Let’s face it the main reason you put a mirror in the bathroom is to see your own reflection and the last thing you need is to not be able to see yourself clearly when you’re rushing to get ready for work. The additional light offered by the LED bathroom mirrors ensures you enjoy a clear reflection no matter how dark your bathroom is.

Extra Illumination

It’s important to have additional lighting in any bathroom. A light and bright bathroom is a spacious bathroom. At the same time you definitely don’t want unbearable lighting that is just too bright. The LED bathroom mirrors offer that gentle illumination needed to offer you a clear reflection while enhancing the bathroom space.

I use my LED bathroom mirrors at night and don’t put on the main bathroom light, offering the children easy access to the bathroom in the dark and the ability to see what they are doing without waking the entire household.

Choice of Designs

You want a choice when it comes to the different designs and styles available when choosing a bathroom mirror. The LED bathroom mirrors come in a host of great designs from square to rectangle and oval to round, basically any design you can think of that will blend in with your overall style and enhance the space.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is so important to all homes throughout the UK these days, we want to save on energy wherever possible. What you may not realise is that LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs assisting you in keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

The Cool Connection

Another fantastic feature of the LED bathroom mirrors is that they don’t give off too much heat. Most lighting options will give off heat, but the LED lighting doesn’t, another reason they are such a popular choice.

Mirror Sizes

Any of the LED bathroom mirrors you look at need to fit in with your current bathroom design. A mirror needs to measure up perfectly to your design without looking out of place. Measure your wall and then decide which mirror will best suit the space you have available. The LED bathroom mirrors come in a choice of sizes so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit with ease.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures – Things to Consider

Quadrant shower enclosures are probably the most popular choice when it comes to shower designs. These shower designs offer stunning curves and straight edges combined to make a perfect shower for both larger and smaller bathroom designs.

One of the most important things before you even start looking at the shower enclosures and trays available is to measure the space you have available. Once you have the clear measurements and you know what you have to work with, you can start looking at the shower designs to find that perfect match which will enhance your bathroom space.

Stylish Design

The great thing about the quadrant shower enclosures is that they are the ideal corner shower design, this may be why they are such a popular choice. They help you maximise your floor space and give your bathroom that spacious and elegant feel.

The quadrant design is a square or rectangular shower tray with a curved front, they fit into a corner with ease in both larger and smaller bathroom designs with quadrant shower enclosures which include a sliding door to ensure you make the use of the space to the fullest.

Don’t Compromise Your Space

The fact that the quadrant shower enclosures have sliding doors is a huge benefit, especially in smaller bathrooms where your space is limited. You don’t want large swinging shower doors which will bang into other bathroom products. The sliding doors are easy to use, offer a large opening for getting in and out of the shower and they don’t need any additional space to operate.

Lay out your bathroom before you start any work so you can ensure your new quadrant shower enclosure fits into the space you have available and still leaves you ample floor space to move around.

Placing your shower in the corner gives you more than enough floor space for your other items such as your vanity and basin, toilet and radiator. Remember the quadrant shower enclosures are made from clear glass which allows for light flow, giving the bathroom that sense of space.