Great Bath Choices for a Luxurious Bathroom Design

In a year of luxury and spa-inspired bathroom designs, your bath can play a huge role in enhancing the space. Ideally choosing a centre piece bath that can make a statement and combining it with luxurious jets, can complete your luxury bathroom design.

There are a number of bath options available if you are looking to turn your bathroom into a luxurious space.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths have become one of the more popular choices in bathrooms around the country. The versatility to place the bathroom anywhere, even in the centre of the bathroom, has made these baths number one, so to speak.

Freestanding baths come in a selection of shapes and sizes with the Assai being a great choice when looking for that luxurious bath design. These baths are rectangular in shape, widening at the top and you get a selection of coloured bath panel options to choose from, so you can add a splash of colour to your design and ensure your bath is the centrepiece it deserves to be.

Rectangular Baths

While keeping with the straight edged designs, the rectangular baths work beautifully in luxurious bathrooms. The exterior of these baths are minimalistic, bright white and straight edged.

You can choose from a selection of interior shapes to ensure you get the most enjoyable bathing experience from rectangular to kidney shaped designs.

Rectangular baths are not freestanding, they are placed as you would a normal bath, against the wall or in the corner with bath panels to hide the unsightly plumbing.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Whether you choose rectangular baths or one of the many other bath options available you can add a touch of luxury, turning any bathroom into a luxurious space. Adding whirlpool or airpool jets to the rectangular baths or adding kinetic lighting to make that statement that your bathroom deserves are just some of the ways you can turn your rectangular bath into a centre piece and making a statement in your bathroom design.

The Sheer Elegance of Glass Bathroom Basins

With luxury and spa-inspired bathroom themes being a top choice this year, it’s no surprise that the glass bathroom basins are receiving a lot of attention, offering a chance to add an elegant touch to your bathroom design.

Glass is a welcome addition to any bathroom design, incorporating light colours, glass and chrome to a bathroom adds that modern finish that can create a statement in any home.

Glass Bathroom Basins Variety

There is a selection of glass bathroom basins to choose from enabling you to blend them into your overall bathroom design. There are the oval, round and square choices ensuring you carry the same design throughout your bathroom space.

You’re heard me say it before but if you are designing a modern bathroom with plenty of straight edges, then you want to keep that design flowing, so you should choose the square glass bathroom basins. Again if you have chosen bathroom products with curves, then the round or oval will blend in beautifully with the rest of the design.

Caring for Your Glass Bathroom Basin

If you are worried that glass bathroom basins may not withstand the demands you family puts on them, you’ll be pleased to know they are made from toughened glass which can withstand almost everything you throw at them.

Of course you are not going to pour a kettle of boiling water into the glass bathroom basins, but they can handle high temperatures and won’t chip if a deodorant can falls into the basin. You do find many of the other basins will chip at some point.

These glass bathroom basins are easy to clean and maintain, mix half a container with vinegar and the other half with warm water, the same as you would if you were cleaning your shower enclosures. Using a clean sponge, wipe the basin with the mixture and leave for a minute before wiping it off again.

The advantage is that even soap marks come off the glass bathroom basins with ease when you use this homemade mixture, reducing unwanted marks and leaving your basin gleaming.

Bright Spaces

We all know that a light and bright bathroom feels more spacious than it is. This can be accomplished by choosing plenty of white and glass. The glass of the glass bathroom basins allows the light to flow straight through them, which enhances the space and makes your bathroom feel lighter and bigger.

Infinity Mirrors Create a Masterpiece in Your Bathroom

Mirrors are a vital component of your bathroom design. They offer style, convenience and functionality, all rolled into one handy item which mounts on the wall. There are so many great mirror options available, but one of my personal favourites is the infinity bathroom mirrors.

About Infinity Mirrors

Infinity mirrors look like a plain mirror by day, they offer a clear reflection enabling you to get ready for work and when placed strategically, they can reflect natural light back into the bathroom making it a light and bright space. But by night, these mirrors take on a life of their own, once your turn on the lights of the mirror, they not only offer an additional light source, but they offer the most fascinating 3D lighting effect to create a “wow” factor.

Why Choose Infinity Bathroom Mirrors?

The reason these mirrors are so popular is that they offer you all the advantages you would get with a normal mirror, you can use them to see your reflection, they become a masterpiece on what would be a bland wall and you can position them to highlight a centrepiece in the bathroom or to reflect the natural light into the space during the day.

At night when you switch on the infinity bathroom mirrors is when they come into their own, giving a wonderful coloured glow into the space that makes them such an appealing choice for all bathroom designs, both modern and traditional.

If you’re looking for a way to add “wow” factor to your bathroom, you are looking for a mirror that will become the centrepiece of the bathroom and will offer you all the advantages and functionality you would get from a normal bathroom mirror, then the infinity bathroom mirrors are definitely the right choice for you.

The Simple Beauty of Bow Sliding Door Shower Trays

This year is all about modern bathrooms, those luxurious spaces with a spa-inspired design. Minimalism, simplicity and light and bright are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. But you may want to add that gentle curve to soften the space and bow sliding door shower trays can offer this to you.

Bathroom Layout

One of the most important considerations you need to take into account when remodelling your bathroom is the overall layout. You need to ensure you have the space to place a bow sliding door shower tray, you need to know where you are going to place it and most important you need to ensure you have the available space so you have room to move once your bathroom is completed.

Your bathroom layout should enable you to enjoy plenty of floor space. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to spin on one foot to get around or be unable to open your cupboard doors because you just don’t have the space.

It’s important to measure out your space available and then start selection your bathroom fixtures and fittings, this way you know you are not compromising your floor space and everything will fit in beautifully.

If you are going for the minimalist look then bow sliding door shower trays are a fantastic addition to your bathroom. These trays can be placed up against any wall or even in a corner and just add that little bit of curve that you need.

Design and Decoration

To keep your bathroom simple and unique you will want to paint your walls a very light colour, white is often the colour of choice which blends in well with your bow sliding door shower tray, your basin and toilet. Glass shower doors give that free flowing feel that adds space into the bathroom.

When choosing your bathroom fixtures and fittings choose ones that are clear lined and crisp. For modern, the square design often works best and then you add your curve with your bow sliding door shower trays.

If you want colour add your splashes of colour with a bright blind and matching towels. This is more than enough colour and keeping to the minimalist modern look is very advantageous for smaller bathrooms.

When faced with smaller bathrooms you want them to have the feeling of space and this can be done with light colours and plenty of natural light. If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from natural light add bathroom mirrors with lights and glass, all of which allows the light to flow through or bounce off them adding to the space.

How to Install Bifold Door Shower Enclosures

Bifold door shower enclosures are a great addition to the smaller bathroom, they don’t take up any floor space and fold to one side of the shower offering a large opening. If you have chosen to install your bifold door shower enclosure yourself, you may want to continue reading.

Fitting the bifold door shower enclosures is quite easy if you have a bit of DIY knowledge, if not, I suggest you get a friend in to give you a hand, but either way it won’t take long to install. Bear in mind you shouldn’t use your new shower for at least twenty four hours after installation to allow all the sealants to dry properly and avoid leaks.

Let’s Start

Before you even touch your door you need to install your shower try and ensure that it is completely even. Your next step will be to ensure the bifold door shower enclosures you have purchased are the right size and that your bathroom tiles extend all the way to your shower tray.

Now that you have checked all of this and are happy, you can start with the installation and you are on the road to complementing your bathroom with bifold door shower enclosures.

Installing Your New Shower Enclosure

You will notice when you purchase bifold door shower enclosures that you get two profiles, the doors and plenty of screws and caps.

You want to start by taking one of your wall profiles, these are the long pieces that have holes in them which enables you to put the door in place. Place your profile on the wall with the flange facing inside the shower. It should be perpendicular to the shower tray and level, which you can easily check with a spirit level.

Holding it in place mark the holes and then you can drill them out with ease before plugging the holes and screwing the profile to the wall.

First step completed, now the exciting part of adding the bifold door. Remember bifold door shower enclosures open into the shower and to avoid damage to the door ensure they do not open on the side where you have your shower taps. The door can be turned upside down to enable you to open it from the left or right, depending on where you taps and shower head is placed.

Slide the door into position in the first profile. Now time to add the second profile on the opposite wall, It should be evenly spaced to the first profile, holding the bifold door shower enclosure firmly in place. Follow the instructions you used for installing the first profile.

The Final Touches

The hard part is over once your bifold door shower enclosure is in place, all you have to do now is fix your door handle to the door and seal around the edges. Seal on the inside of the enclosures between the flange and wall and on the outside as well to ensure your enclosure doesn’t leak.

Great Shower Accessories

So you’ve decided to put a shower in your bathroom. A shower can see like such a simple addition to a bathroom, how hard could it be? There is a tray, an enclosure and a shower head and you can then enjoy the convenience and speed of a shower each morning rather than wasting precious minutes waiting for your bath to run.

By now you’ve probably measured out the area you have available in your bathroom and have an idea of the size shower tray and enclosure you will need. Maybe you’re choosing a modern designed walk in shower, these showers are so stylish and modern and will complement any bathroom.

Whether you are placing your shower in the corner of a compact bathroom or along one end of a wall in a spacious bathroom, there are a great selection of shower accessories enabling you to make your showering experience a luxurious out.

There is nothing worse than choosing a large walk in shower when you can only stand squashed against one wall to let the water reach you. When you choose something as modern and stylish as a walk in shower, you want to enjoy the experience, you want to stand in the centre of your shower and have the water pour off you.

Some of the shower accessories you buy include shower arms, these arms come in circular or square design, enabling you to blend them in with your current bathroom décor. The arms are available in a choice of lengths, so you can lengthen the distance your shower head can reach. Add a wonderfully large shower head and you can move around your shower and still get wet.

Another of the fantastic shower accessories available are wonderful shower jets. Who said you can only enjoy jets in a bath. These jets are available in square or round to blend in with your current décor and can offer you an invigorating showering experience as they massage you as you shower. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Whether you already have a shower in place or are installing one in the near future, the shower accessories available can make a huge impact on not only your showering experience but the overall design of your bathroom area.

The shower accessories suit any modern design, finished to the highest standard they can easily complement any shower whether it’s a walk in shower or corner shower.

Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinets – The Perfect Modern Design

These days’ homeowners are paying careful attention to their bathroom designs. Clear lines, gleaming chrome, brilliant whites and a minimalistic finish are all at the top of the list when it comes to bathroom design.

It’s all very well deciding you are going to modernise your bathroom, but you need to pay careful attention to your basin, your toilet and your bath or shower and then there are your taps, your towel rails and let’s not forget your mirrored cabinets.

I love the stainless steel mirror cabinets for a modern bathroom. They come in a selection of styles to enhance the bathroom space and their clean finish means they work well with the taps and shower heads you choose for your bathroom.

There are so many great designs available, but there are five stainless steel mirror cabinets that really stand out for the modern bathroom space.

Wave Duo Hinge Mirror Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to break away from the clean straight lines in your bathroom, these stainless steel mirror cabinets are just what you are looking for. They have a very stylish and slim design, making them the perfect choice for any modern bathroom.

The Duo Slider Mirror Cabinet

The ideal stainless steel mirror cabinet for the slightly larger bathroom or family bathroom. Again these have the clear lines and beautiful mirrored doors. The sliding action of the doors make these a modern and convenience choice, you don’t have to worry about opening the doors and any obstructions. They have the double shelf offering plenty of storage space.

Tall Corner Hinge Mirror Cabinet

When struggling with wall space, these stainless steel mirror cabinets may be the solution. They fit snugly in the corner of your bathroom and with their tall design offer more than enough shelving space to keep your bathroom completely clutter free.

Compact Hinge Mirror Cabinet

The compact hinge mirror cabinet is the ideal choice for a smaller bathroom with a single mirrored door with magnetic closure, it adds brightness to any bathroom design. These stainless steel mirror cabinets come with a double shelf offering ample storage for all your medications, toiletries and hair products or make up.

Lucido Maxi Triple Door Stainless Steel Cabinet

You will want these stainless steel mirror cabinets when remodelling a family bathroom. With three separate compartments, you have more than enough space for the whole family to store their toiletries. The two side compartments have adjustable shelves, while the larger centre compartment has fixed shelves offering ample storage space.

Make a Statement with Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are ideal for larger bathroom spaces, making a statement and creating that “wow” factor that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest. These baths stand on their own either in the centre of the bathroom becoming a centre piece or along a wall offering an elegant and sophisticated finish to any bathroom design.

Shape is an important decision when choosing freestanding baths, there are a number of shapes available, enabling you to incorporate them into your design, even turn them into your bathroom centrepiece.

Oval Designs

The Rubarto freestanding baths are my favourite when it comes to looking for an oval or curved edge design. These oval baths are simply spectacular with high sides allowing you to really soak in the bath. Again they come in a choice of colours allowing you to add that splash of colour to your bathroom design.

Rectangular Designs

The Assai is one of my favourites when it comes to freestanding baths, these baths are rectangular in design with straight edges to blend in with any modern finish. The top of the bath flares out slightly giving it that beautiful finish that will wow your guests.  The great thing about these freestanding baths is that you can use them to add colour to your bathroom with a host of panels from white to grey and black to purple.

The Legato freestanding bath is another top choice combining straight edges with angled sides, almost a hexagonal shape that will add style to any bathroom design. These baths come in brilliant white to help gives your bathroom that light and bright feel.

Counter Top Bathroom Basins

Counter top bathroom basins offer sophistication and modern style to any bathroom design. They make a statement in the bathroom, offering that “wow” factor you are looking to achieve. 2013 is a year of luxurious and spa inspired bathroom designs and the counter top bathroom basins enhance this, blending in with the design and creating a practical and convenient space.

The counter top bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes and sizes from round to rectangular. These basins are designed to sit on top of your shelving unit or counter top. They are very appealing and a welcome addition in any bathroom design.

Size and Colours

There are a number of size options available when looking at the counter top bathroom basins, making them ideal for large and small bathroom designs. They fill the space with modern style and sophistication. Glass is a great addition if you want to enhance the light in the room and make a big statement.

There are also white options available. The brilliant white stands out, they work beautifully if you are incorporating a feature wall behind the basins, enabling them to make the statement they are looking to make.

It’s so easy to create that “wow” factor in your bathroom when you are adding counter top bathroom basins. Choose a shape that best blends in with your overall design. The rule of thumb is to keep the design as close together as possible, so if you have gone for plenty of straight edges, choose a rectangular or square counter top bathroom basin. When your bathroom is brimming in curves and cylindrical products, go for the round or oval counter top bathroom basins to blend in and enhance the space.

Add Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves to Your Bathroom

Everyone has a clear idea on how they want their new bathroom to look. These days bathrooms are being designed to be luxurious with a spa inspired theme. More and more emphasis is being placed on bathrooms than ever before, which is why it’s essential each product is carefully handpicked to complement the other bathroom items.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of designing your bathroom. The bathroom mirrors with shelves are a welcome addition to any bathroom design. Shelving is always invaluable in any bathroom, helping you reduce the clutter by offering you a space to store your smaller bathroom items.

Design Choices

There is a good choice when it comes to bathroom mirror designs, you can have square, rectangular, oval or even interesting shapes and designs to make a statement in your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom mirrors with shelves, the Zola mirror with shelves really stands out. This rectangular mirror is surrounded by a black frame with a shelf on both sides. The great thing with these bathroom mirrors with shelves if you can choose whether to mount it horizontally or vertically, adding texture and colour to your bathroom design.

Another great choice is the Minima Hex Mirror with top light and shelves. These hexagonal shaped mirrors offer additional lighting, which is always welcome, along with shelving for your smaller bathroom items. Then there is the Minima Cone Mirror with light and shelves, again a convenient mirror with three shelves and additional lighting, the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Practical Solutions

The most important thing about bathroom mirrors with shelves is the practicality that they have to offer. In the early morning rush having all your makeup and hair accessories close to the mirror can shave valuable seconds when getting ready for work. Choosing a bathroom mirror with shelves that comes complete with a top light only makes the mornings more enjoyable.

Many bathrooms struggle with light and these top lights add the additional light you need whether you are getting ready for work or an important date.