Shower Enclosures For the Compact Bathroom Design

When renovating a compact bathroom so much time needs to be spent on the layout and functionality of the space. When working with a smaller bathroom you are limited to your design layout, of course a large oval bath in the centre of the room is not a practical choice, never mind you won’t be able to move.

A bathroom with only a bath and nothing else is definitely not the bathroom design you are aiming for. I’ve worked with some small bathrooms, they are becoming more common in homes across the UK and the one thing I have learned is that the planning stage is imperative.

Bathroom Plan

Plan Your Bathroom

Measure out the space of the bathroom and then you can start working on the bathroom products, where they will fit into the bathroom and maximise your floor space. I usually prefer to add a shower into a smaller bathroom, this leaves you with ample space to add your vanity with inset basin, your toilet and other accessories such as your designer radiator.

Finding the Best Shower Enclosure

When it comes to smaller bathrooms a shower enclosure with a swinging door is not the most practical solution. If you choose a shower enclosure with a pivot or hinged door then you have to start worrying about how far the door can open before it is stopped by the vanity or toilet.

Now as you can imagine having a door that swings open and it not opening all the way will leave you squeezing through the opening of your shower door each time you want a shower. I don’t know about you, but when I have a shower I want it to be practical, functional and convenient and squeezing through a door space doesn’t tick any of those boxes.

The top choice for the smaller bathroom is sliding door shower enclosures. These give you the ability to enjoy the advantages of a shower and not worry about how much space the doors will take up. The sliding door shower enclosures do what it says on the box, the door slides open leaving you ample space to get in and out of the bathroom and you don’t have to worry about the door being obstructed in any way.

Other advantages to the sliding door shower enclosures are that they are minimalistic in design and even better they are easy to clean and maintain, making them the most suitable option for any small or large bathroom design.

Things to Consider When Looking At Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most popular choices when it comes to shower designs. They add straight lines with seductive curves that work beautifully in both the compact and larger bathroom design.

Before you even consider any shower you need to know the space you have to work with. The best tip I can offer is to measure your entire bathroom area before you think of renovating, once you have all your measurements in place you can start shopping for various bathroom items such as quadrant shower enclosures and trays, basins and toilets.

Quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant Shower Enclosure Tray with Plinth


Quadrant shower enclosures work beautifully in the corner of a bathroom, which is probably why they are so popular. They give you the ability to maximise your floor space and help reduce the feeling that the bathroom is too cluttered.

The design of these shower trays is rectangular or square with a rounded edge which makes them the perfect choice when choosing a shower enclosure for a corner design.

You can choose your quadrant shower enclosures before you start planning the rest of your bathroom, let the design flow through the bathroom using straight edges or rounded ones to complement the shower. Use chrome taps and radiators to blend in with the frame of the shower enclosure and bring the entire bathroom together in one neat design that will make a statement in any home.

Make the Most of the Space

Quadrant shower enclosures usually come with sliding doors which are a welcome addition to any bathroom. If you think about how you want your bathroom space to work, you don’t want the inconvenience of obstacles getting in the way of your shower door if it were to swing open, which is why sliding doors are often the most realistic choice.

Smaller bathrooms definitely benefit from the quadrant shower enclosures with the sliding door system, this gives you ample room to move around your bathroom, dry off after a shower and makes the space look so much bigger than it is.

Remember to lay your bathroom out so that your shower isn’t difficult to access, placing your toilet or basin in front of the shower will not offer you the practicality you were looking for, in fact it can be a huge mistake which makes the bathroom difficult to move around and leave you frustrated.

Finding The Best Shower Tray For Your New Bathroom Design

Shower trays come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you may feel a little overwhelmed when choosing the right tray for your new bathroom design.

The first thing you need to consider is where you want to place your shower, this can be in the corner, in a recess or against the back wall. You will need to measure the space you have available to determine what is right for the size bathroom you are working with.

D shaped shower trays available

D shaped shower trays

In general small bathrooms really work well with quadrant shower trays which fit beautifully into the concern of the bathroom, they are square or rectangular in shape with a curved edge and with a sliding door enclosure they are compact and complement the bathroom perfectly.

But what happens if you have chosen square for your modern design? You’ve already chosen the square basin taps, square shower head and square toilet, but now you need the ideal straight edged design shower tray to bring it all together and enhance your bathroom space.

Rectangle shower trays are a very popular choice in bathrooms today. They blend in beautifully with both modern and traditional bathrooms and offer the versatility of being placed in the corner, a recess or against a wall as a freestanding shower.

The biggest advantage is that these rectangle shower trays also work well as a walk in shower design, which means no doors to worry about.

As you may have guessed the biggest problem many people face when designing their bathroom is what shower doors to choose. There are the sliding doors, bi-fold doors, walk in designs and the pivot or hinged door designs.

Depending on the space you have available will determine what doors will work with your rectangular shower tray. The sliding, bi-fold and walk in designs are ideal when you are working with limited space and can’t have a door swinging open. The doors that swing open need enough space to do so without being obstructed, if they cannot open completely you are limiting the space you have to get in and out of the shower.

For larger bathrooms the rectangle shower trays placed against a wall as a freestanding shower look beautiful, using side panels and the door of your choice they are light and bright and allow the light to flow through the glass panels enhancing the bathroom design.

Top Five Shower Heads for the Modern Bathroom

When designing a modern bathroom the style needs to flow from the basin and taps to the shower and shower heads. Whether you have chosen circular designs or square, there is a large selection of shower heads to choose from, each one stylishly designed to enhance the modern bathroom with ease.

Contemporary Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These shower heads are large and circular in shape and come with a tubed arm that attaches the shower head to the wall at the height of your choice. The advantage is that these shower heads have a swivel joint which enables you to direct flow, so you are always guaranteed of an enjoyable showering experience.

shower head

Contemporary Shower Head

Star Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

The stylish star shower heads have to be my favourite choice. These are stylish and elegant in design and attach directly to your ceiling in the shower. Each arm of the star has holes for water flow offering superior water distribution and the swivel joint enables you to direct the water flow in your direction.

star shower head

Star Shower Head

Square Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These square shower heads are modern in design and work beautifully in an ultra-modern bathroom where you have chosen square fittings and fixtures. Again they fit to the ceiling of your shower with a swivel joint that allows you to direct the water flow in your direction. They offer great water distribution ensuring you have a wonderful shower.

square shower head

Square Shower Head

Round Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

The round shower heads are perfect for modern bathrooms where you have already chosen circular fitting and fixtures. They are stylish in design and finished in shining chrome which blends in beautifully with your modern bathroom design. The swivel joint lets you direct water flow while these shower heads enhance your bathroom space.

round shower head

Round Shower Head

Rose Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These shower heads are more of a traditional design, but still work beautifully in a modern bathroom with circular fittings and fixtures. The rose shower heads fit to the ceiling of your shower with a swivel joint that lets you direct water flow.

shower head

Rose Shower Head

Add Some Extra Luxury

If you are looking at shower heads for a modern bathroom you can add extra luxury with shower jets, turning your shower into a space to be pampered and massaged as you shower. The shower jets also come in circular or square designs which can blend in with your new shower head and complement your bathroom design.

Shopping For Shower Door Enclosures

If you’re about to start renovating your bathroom and haven’t shopped around for shower door enclosures for a while, you’re in for a treat. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from including sliding doors, pivot door and bi fold door shower enclosures.

Understanding how each one works and the advantages will help you make the right choice for your bathroom.

Sliding Doors

The sliding door shower enclosures are often the most popular due to their clear glass design and being easily installed. These are mostly used in compact bathrooms where space is an issue, bear in mind when looking at the sliding door options that the door will only slide to a certain point, though this is often more than enough space to get in and out of the shower.

shower door

Sloegrin Sliding Shower Door

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are what they say, pivot and hinged doors swing open giving you an ample opening to get in and out of the shower with ease. While these doors are highly popular and convenient they aren’t practical for all bathrooms, bear in mind the door does need to swing open completely so you need to ensure there are no obstacles in the way.

Bi Fold Doors

The bi fold door shower enclosures are a stylish option that uses a concertina effect to open the shower door. Basically the door folds inwards so it doesn’t compromise any of your bathroom space, it opens the full length of the door giving you ample space for getting in and out of the shower.

Bathroom Design and Space

When looking at the shower door enclosures available on the market it can be a little overwhelming, which is why I always suggest that you lay your bathroom out carefully, see what space you have available and then decide on the right shower door.

You want your shower door to be stylish in design, the glass will blend in beautifully with any bathroom design, enhancing the space and making the bathroom feel more spacious.

The bi fold door shower enclosures work well in both modern and traditional bathrooms, they are easy to use and clean making them a firm favourite. The ability to save space within your bathroom is essential, you want light, bright and spacious for any bathroom and the bi fold door shower enclosures give you the ability to do this.

What Shower Tray Would You Choose For Your En-Suite Bathroom?

I can’t count how many times I have been asked the question, what shower tray should I add to my en-suite bathroom? On a whole en-suite bathrooms are smaller than the family bathroom and the most logical choice is to add a shower rather than a bath to make the most of the space you have available.

En-suite bathrooms can be done really well giving a sense of space and luxury, but there are a few things you need to pay close attention to and one of these is the shower tray you choose.

shower tray

Bow Sliding Door Shower Tray

Personally I always choose the quadrant shower trays for en-suite bathrooms and I’m going to explain why. When working with a smaller space you want a shower tray that will fit into a corner space with ease. While the tray may fit in the corner, the rounded edge of the quadrant shower trays gives these a luxurious and smooth design which can be carried throughout the bathroom.

Very seldom are squared shower trays luxurious enough for an en-suite, because your bathroom is already a smaller size, there is no reason to reduce the amount of luxury that you get to enjoy.

Another advantage of the quadrant shower trays is the space they provide, because of their rounded shape they offer plenty of room to move around in the shower. There is nothing worse than having a shower that is so small you cannot move once you close the shower door.

Once you have chosen your quadrant shower tray you will need to choose your other bathroom products to blend in with the tray and still enhance the bathrooms pace. Before we go any further, I always suggest a really light colour, white is best in smaller bathrooms because it gives a sense of space.

White, glass and plenty of light is the recipe for a spacious bathroom no matter how small your bathroom is, you can add splashes of colour with towels, blinds and candles, but keep your actual bathroom products, walls and floors as light as possible.

With the rounded edge of the quadrant shower trays you are able to find a selection of basins, toilets and taps that will blend in with the rounded design, working together in your bathroom to give it an overall smooth design that offers luxury and elegance in a small space.

Does Your Shower Work For You?

I think one of the hardest things in a bathroom is finding the right shower to suit the entire family. When you are working with a family where everyone is different heights and ages, finding a shower that works can be a nightmare.

You go and shower and the shower head is in the perfect position, but when your partner goes to shower the shower head is too low and then the children head to the shower and the water barely touches them because it’s way too high. It’s really difficult keeping everyone in the family happy when it comes to your shower, this is where slide rail kits come in, they are the solution to your problem.

phoenix slide rail kit

Phoenix slide rail kit

Once you realise that your shower really doesn’t work for you and your family, you can start looking at slide rail kits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, they enable you to move the shower head up and down a slide rail to get it to the correct height, they are so easy to use and offer convenience and practicality.

Keep Up Appearances

Just because you have realised that your shower doesn’t work for your family and are looking at slide rail kits for your shower doesn’t mean that you need to lose the stylish design of your bathroom.

The slide rail kits are available in modern designs enabling you to find one that blends in with your current bathroom décor, that is stylish and elegant. This means that your can ensure your bathroom keeps its appearance and still enjoy the convenience that these rail kits have to offer.

Take Control of Your Shower

Who ever thought you would say those words, “I have taken control of my shower.” But in fact with the slide rail kits you are taking control, you are ensuring the showering experience is easy and practical for the whole family. These kits are easy to install and so easy to use, even the children in the family can manage the height adjustment with ease.

Over and above being convenient and practical, they are stylish and will work in any bathroom design whether you have an ultra-modern bathroom or a traditional one. With so many great design choices available it is easy to find slide rail kits that will complement your bathroom.

Choose Shower Valves to Complement Your Bathroom Design

When you choose a bathroom design, you need to choose a design you will be happy to work with throughout your bathroom. Maybe you’ve chosen to go ultra-modern on your en-suite bathroom and have chosen square bathroom products, this means all your accessories, taps and shower valves should be square.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure your design choice flows throughout the space. A bathroom with traditional fixtures and fittings will look completely out of place with an ultra-modern radiator or towel rail, can you picture it in your head?

Taking that vision think of a modern bathroom, you open the door and wow, the room shouts sophistication and style. All the bathroom products from the shower to the toilet have a rectangular design. All the taps, shower valves and even the radiator are finished with high shine chrome, which just jumps out at you from the white walls and floor tiles.

Shower Valve

Concealed Shower Valve

There are splashes of colour around with bright red towels, candles and a blind. But otherwise the entire bathroom is white, glass and chrome which just shouts out modern, stylish and sleek.

Choosing Your Shower Valves

Keeping your bathroom design in mind when you first look at shower valves you should think of practicality and convenience. There are so many choices available from those with the water pressure knob on one side and the thermostat on the other to push button valves, which just add to the ultra-modern design of your bathroom.

These days most of the shower valves you will see will be finished in chrome. Chrome is striking against a light back drop, making it perfect if you have chosen white and minimalist when designing your bathroom.

Then there are the concealed shower valves, which are also stylish in design and will work really well when you have chosen rounded bathroom products. A quadrant shower tray with enclosure, a round basin and a round toilet will look great with the round concealed shower valves.

All you need to do when looking at shower valves is stand back and take a good look around your bathroom, think of what you are trying to achieve and how the shower valves you are considering will enhance the bathroom. Will then complement your radiator or taps, will they blend in with your other fixtures and fittings and do they work well with your overall bathroom design?

Top Tips On How To Choose The Right Shower Tray

I always find remodelling my bathroom such an exciting time, it’s when you get to change your bathroom from something traditional to something amazing and modern. One of the hardest decisions you may need to face is what shower tray will work best in the space you have available.

We don’t all have spacious bathrooms, in fact the majority of us will be working with a smaller bathroom. There are three things I always take into consideration that makes my decision so much easier.

Shower trays

Shower Tray & Mounting Kit


Before you start remodelling any bathroom you need to work out the space you have available, this will determine whether you should go for a corner shower or a square shower tray, the space you have will determine what is right for your overall bathroom design.


You may not have realised this but your overall bathroom design plays an important role in the shower tray you choose. If you have chosen oval bathroom products including your toilet and basin, a rectangular tray will look out of place, the same applies when you choose modern and square, a square shower tray will definitely work better keeping the lines clean and crisp.


By now you’ve noticed the selection of shower trays available. There are rectangular ones, quadrant ones and square shower trays all beckoning for you to choose them. Where to start?

I find the square shower trays the most versatile of all shower trays. You can place them just about anywhere, they fit perfectly into an alcove, they work when you have two sides of wall and they work on their own with one wall and the rest shower enclosure panels.

The other advantage with the square shower trays is the space they provide, they are large enough for you to enjoy a decent shower without being too cramped. I remember using a friends shower once when every time I bent down if I dropped the soap I would hit the edge of the shower enclosure and the door would open, I soaked her floor, that was due to the fact she had the tiniest shower enclosure I had ever seen.

Even with a smaller bathroom there is no reason you shouldn’t get to enjoy your showering experience. Choose your shower tray with care, but if you want versatility, I highly recommend you see how a square shower tray will fit into the space you have available and how it can enhance your overall bathroom design.

Shower Heads to Complete the Bathroom Picture

Shower heads seem like such a trivial thing in the bathroom, they are there to wet you so you can shower. What could be more important than that?

In fact shower heads have become an integral part of any bathroom design. They can make or break your bathroom design, they can add sophistication and style and they can offer an enjoyable showering experience at the same time.

Phoenix shower head

Shower Size

Your shower size will play a very important role when you are looking for the perfect shower heads. For smaller showers the modern fixed head shower heads with arm and swivel elbow or the contemporary shower heads with swivel elbow will work wonders in the space. Even though you are in a smaller shower area, everyone in your household will require the shower heads to face different directions. Some family members may require the shower heads to face straight down while others may need them pointing a little higher, these enable the entire family to enjoy their showering experience.

Then there are the big boys of shower heads, those that offer a stylish and modern finish to any bathroom design and I believe look fantastic in walk in showers and larger shower enclosures. These include the stunning star head shower heads with swivel elbows, shower rose head with swivel elbow and the square shower heads with swivel elbows. These are masterpieces on their own and when blended in with your current bathroom design, can offer that perfect finish to the space that you can be proud of.

Choosing Your Shower Head

I love big shower heads, the bigger the better. Having larger shower heads ensures that I can stand under my shower and have the water rush over me. Of course this isn’t always practical and the one bathroom I designed, which was compact could not enjoy the benefits of these shower heads, it would have looked out of place.

The first step to choosing your shower head is to look at your current bathroom design. If you have square shaped taps in your basin and maybe your basin and toilet are square in shape, then choosing a stylish chrome square shower head can help enhance the space.

The next step is to use the space you have available. Can you imagine a small corner shower with an enormous shower head? It would look completely wrong. Work with the space you have available and choose your shower heads according to that space without overpowering the shower area with a shower head.